Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Remediation

We were called into a home to treat for microbial growth. This picture shows a containment barrier to keep the contaminated areas separate from the non-contaminated areas. We are ready for any type of restoration or mitigation! 

Microbial Growth

Microbial growth loves porous material such as wood. This area was covered in mold spores. We treated the microbial growth to remove the mold. Finally we treated the infected wood to kill any future possibilities of mold growth. 

Mold Cleanup and Remidiation

Our SERVPRO team was sent out to a home to inspect microbial growth. The crew took proper cleaning products, and once the cleaning was finished. The equipment used for microbial growth was placed to ensure all mold was gone. 

Mold Cleanup & Remediation in Richmond Hill

This large two-story framed home in Richmond Hill was overcome with a mold infestation. Our Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians arrived in full force to restore order. Our large box truck transported the belongings and furnishings for the "pack out." These items would be stored and cleaned at our facilities while we initiated the mold remediation component of the service. With careful planning and execution, our IICRC certified team would clean and disinfect the home "Like it never even happened." Don't be overwhelmed by mold growth, call SERVPRO for help. (912) 445-5190

Mold Damage – Rincon Home

Mold damage at this Rincon home developed rapidly. The cause was a plumbing leak from the other side of the wall where a bathroom was located. Moisture had accumulated between the walls and along with the darkness created the perfect conditions for mold growth to develop.

Mold Grows on a Moist Wall in Rincon

The playroom in this house was very damp because of poor air circulation and lack of air conditioning. Since we were called in at the onset of this mold growth, we saved the walls by dry sponging the infestation for removal and applying an antifungal agent to the treated area. We suggested to the owner to lower the humidity in the room by purchasing a small dehumidifier or using more a/c.