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Archived Biohazard Blog Posts

IICRC Trauma & Crime Scene Clean Up Training

6/19/2019 (Permalink)

A mock crime scene for training.

Frank Harris, the owner of SERVPRO of Statesboro, participated in IICRC Trauma and Crime Scene Clean Up Training (TCST). The TCST training course reviews the process for inspecting and investigating crime and trauma scenes, which may involve blood and other potentially infectious materials. The course focuses on the procedures to follow as well as the precautions that must be taken. This course gives the participants the opportunity to engage in interactive experiences first hand.

One question everyone asks is if a formal education is required to handle trauma & crime scene cleanups & the answer is no; however, completion of a professional training course is a requirement to engage in trauma & crime scene clean up.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not an actual trauma or crime scene. This is a mock version for training purposes only.

From Minor Water Damage To A Biohazard In Pembroke

10/21/2016 (Permalink)

Trust SERVPRO to Secure Your Biohazardous Problem to Your Pembroke Home

SERVPRO Conducts Biohazard Clean Ups in Pembroke Safely and Effectively

Every time you leave home, there is a risk of the wind, rain or storm damage bringing water into your dwelling. It is also possible a pipe could burst, or a water heater could leak 40 or more gallons of water into your basement or another level while you are at work or play. Initially, the water could be relatively clean, or it may be laden with fecal matter, creating some challenges beyond just drying out the areas.  If you are away for several days unaware the water has seeped into every nook and cranny or is standing several inches high in your basement, however, your homecoming may be problematic. It could include not only wet walls, ceilings or floors but also rapidly spreading infectious growths that contaminate water and air. Mold, sewer backup and other contaminants can take hold in just a matter of days, and SERVPRO is ready to manage both the biohazards and the original water damage safely.

Dealing with the aftermath of water damage turned biohazard in Pembroke requires the expertise of a professional disaster restoration company. Our teams of technicians from SERVPRO are trained to investigate your water disaster with an eye to discovering secondary concerns from contamination of the affected areas because of overgrowths of molds and infectious organisms. We look sharp in our HAZMAT gear. If your home suffered water damage that was not handled immediately, we have the products and know how to control the hazardous infestation safely and by all local, state and other rules and regulations.
Sometimes when biohazards present a danger to other areas of your home or the air quality within your home, we will employ containment strategies. Depending on the level of risk we will construct areas within your home to manage the infectious waste problem (whether from Black Water from a sewer break or an unfortunate crime scene clean up) without allowing it to spread through the air or otherwise to the unaffected areas of your house. Count on us to remove and contain contaminated materials appropriately and dispose of them as mandated by law. This may include pumping the contaminated water into a holding tank and disposing of it in approved wastewater facilities. Our local team can trust on the assistance of affiliated SERVPRO restoration businesses if the challenge to return your home to its pre-loss condition is that great.
Far more than merely a water damage restoration company, SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh & East Liberty Counties is poised to handle even the most difficult biohazardous situation. Call (912) 445-5190 when your business trip or vacation ends with a tough biohazard crisis in your home before your bags are even unpacked.

3 Reasons to Leave Biohazard Cleanup to the Pros

9/7/2016 (Permalink)

Be safe, call SERVPRO for emergency biohazard cleanup!

Certified Technicians are Trained to Deal with Biohazard Emergencies

Most people don't think they'll ever have the need to deal with a biohazard, but it's surprisingly common. Should your home ever become the site of a crime scene, traumatic accident, or fall into distress and be in need of severe cleaning, you'll be put in the situation of figuring out what to do next. While some homeowners think it's perfectly fine to attempt cleaning up a biohazard on their own, that's actually the worst thing to do.
Properly and safely cleaning up biological waste and dangerous materials requires expertise and the proper equipment. If you're facing a biohazard emergency in Springfield, you're probably wondering how to get your home restored and back to normal. Here are just a few reasons why going the do it yourself route isn't best in this situation.
1. Advanced cleaning equipment is needed. Trying to tackle a biohazard cleanup with regular household cleaning supplies and tools is not only inefficient but doing so will not properly disinfect your home. At SERVPRO, our staff is trained to get rid of all traces of biohazards, including those that you can't see.
2. Your safety is important. Especially in the case of a biohazard scene that contains blood, human waste, or animal waste, preventing the spread of disease is important. Our technicians use specialized protective gear that allows us to handle biological emergencies and trauma scenes without exposing ourselves to risks.
3. Disposing of the waste requires special care. Sometimes we have to use an incinerator or autoclave during a biohazard cleanup, but the waste can't simply be put into your garbage can. Things that become contaminated or ruined by a biohazard emergency have to be disposed of so that no one is exposed to any health risks, and specific permits are required to dispose of and transport biohazard waste.
SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh & East Liberty Counties has a team of professionals who can handle your restoration emergency, even in the most extreme situations. To get a quote or learn more about our biohazard cleanup services, call us at (912) 445-5190.