What our Customers say...


The guys were excellent and very professional and I'm very satisfied

Guys did a great job

Very excellent cleaning! Staff are outstanding.  We appreciate the quick response time too.

Very efficient and professional!

Everything was. Handled extremely professionally things were done in a timely fashion everyone was friendly and always smiling and we were very happy with the results they made a horrible situation tolerable

Jonathan and Storm did a wonderful job and we were very impressed!

"Continue your high standard of excellence"

"Staff was wonderful, especially Jon. It was a pleasure"

"Jon was great. Very knowledgeable, friendly, and an expert in his field."

"Spontaneous, excellent, professional manner"

"The crew was very friendly"

"SERVPRO & Jon were wonderful and very attentive to the needs of the house"

'We would definitely recommend SERVPRO of Bryan Effingham to anyone!"

"The crew provided exceptional service and was attentive to our needs. I would highly recommend their services"

Thank you for excellent, quality service. All traces of the fire are gone. Lost a couple of irreplaceable items, but most stuff was restored or replaced without much trouble. Very good company.

Overall I had a very positive experience. If I did not understand what they were doing or had a specific request, they were ready to listen and very professional. I would hire SERVPRO again.

Excellent job, from the walls to the floors to the furniture the water damage is gone. Excellent company and loved your technicians, they were very nice.

Had a busted pipe spraying water something fierce in my home. Had a small stream going through by the time I called you. Your guys patched it up no problem, and did a great job of fixing the extra damage. Amazing work.

Had mold growing all over the drapes. Could not get rid of the mold on them, they are from the 1850's. You did an expert job in ridding them of mold and keeping them in good condition. Nicely done.

Now that the mold remediation is complete, we can finally sleep in our master bedroom again. The stink was unbearable before. Now, it is just the smell of lemon polish and feather pillows.

Have dealt with SERVPRO on many of my properties in the past. Once again, they delivered excellently, and the place looks better than ever.