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SERVPRO Commercial Water Damage Darien

2/22/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial SERVPRO Commercial Water Damage Darien Call SERVPRO for any of your Commercial restoration needs.

Large business structures are slightly less vulnerable to leaks and flooding than individual homes. The building materials are more likely to be concrete and steel rather than wood which gives them more resistance.

Being right on the mouth of the Altamaha River means commercial water damage to Darien businesses is greater than in other parts of Georgia. Despite the imposing nature of warehouses and other storage facilities, damage can and will happen. Worse, the nature of the material in larger structures can even hide the damage for a long time. SERVPRO has the experience and personnel to deal with the special requirements needed to put your business back together.

Cinder block is resistant to moisture, but that same resistance also makes drying it more difficult than other building materials. If the space inside the blocks has equalized to the outside environment, trapped moisture will not vaporize and eventually work its way outside of the walls. If the affected blocks have been painted with a gloss or semi-gloss paint, this serves as a vapor barrier, making vaporizing almost impossible.

To defeat this, our technicians will begin by drilling holes into the mortar at the bottom row of blocks to allow water to flow out. This also provides air circulation through the affected wall sections. If the sections contain any insulation (fiberglass, foam or vermiculite) this will increase drying time. In some cases, if it is possible, air movers may be deployed to force air into the cinder blocks.

There is one other factor that can slow our process and that is the presence of bond beams. These beams are made of concrete and provide extra support to the cinder block. They also greatly restrict airflow which means our technicians will need to drill more holes into the mortar.

To make sure that the drying process has completed, one of our inspectors will use a non-penetrating moisture meter to ensure the interior has returned to a normal level. To make certain they have the correct number, the inspector will measure unaffected areas before any work begins.

Completing the drying process in a commercial structure is an involved and time-consuming one. It needs to be done, however, because too much water and moisture will eventually compromise even cinder block. SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh & East Liberty Counties is here to help with the best training and equipment in the restoration business. Call us today at (912) 445-5190 to get started.

Mold Damage Brought on by Ice Dams can Happen to Rincon Homes

1/12/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Brought on by Ice Dams can Happen to Rincon Homes Trust SERVPRO for Your Home in Rincon If Mold or Ice Shows Up

Rely on SERVPRO to Remediate Mold Damage to Your Roof and Attic

Winter doesn't seem to be a time when water would be the cause of mold damage in a home, but even a small amount of moisture can create problems leading up to mold growth. Fungi do not care from where their water source originates. Ice dams on a home's roof have been known to cause moisture to enter into a home's attic. Sometimes this moisture is substantial enough to be noticed in the living areas of the home, outside of the attic. This can often take a while before evidence is seen in lower levels of the home. Though ice dams are somewhat of a rarity in this southern region of Georgia, when it occurs, it can be quite damaging.
In Rincon, this delay in discovering water seeping down walls can give mold damage plenty of time to become extensive in the attic. The inside of walls can also be harboring mold. Ice dams are rare when insulation is in good to excellent condition – however, when ice dams have had a chance to damage shingles, they become worse quickly, often without showing visible damage to shingles. This keeps visual inspections from discovering the damage before mold can develop.
When ice dams are found to be a problem and are allowing moisture to accumulate inside the attic, this can compress the insulation, rendering it useless. Homeowners in this situation need to have the roof repaired, and the insulation replaced. But what about the mold damage? Having SERVPRO's mold remediation technicians ridding your attic of mold growth in the areas that roofers won't repair can remove mold damage and most of the spores.
This includes your attic's floor and the beams supporting the shingles and underlay. Because both of these are constructed of wood, they can be treated without needing to be removed and replaced. If water damage is also present to a substantial degree, we can remedy the situation for that, also. You can have a new roof, free of mold damage and growth. Moisture and a food source, the needs for fungi to proliferate must be eliminated to reduce the chance of future infestations.
Ice dams and water intrusion can sneak up on anyone over the winter. Freezing temps can often keep moisture hidden, but mold can find it easily. If your attic is showing signs of mold damage, call us, SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh & East Liberty Counties at (912) 445-5190, at any time.

How the Experts Use ‘Drying Goals’ to Roll Back Flood Damage in Port Royal Properties

12/21/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How the Experts Use ‘Drying Goals’ to Roll Back Flood Damage in Port Royal Properties For most homeowners, flood damage repairs are something which doesn't warrant much thought until the need becomes urgent.

How SERVPRO Technicians Use Equipment to Restore Flood Damage in Port Royal Properties

For most homeowners, flood damage repairs are something which doesn't warrant much thought until the need becomes urgent. In fact, unless you live in a flood-prone area, you’re unlikely to have put huge steps in place for dealing with water damage. However, extreme rains and faulty water lines can also cause major problems.

You don’t have to live on the edge of a turbulent river to benefit from a solid, practical flood damage contingency plan. Flood damage in Port Royal properties is more common than you might think. Broken kitchen appliances, clogged drains, and broken pipes are all possible culprits. Fortunately, the experts at SERVPRO can respond fast if your home ever does get itself into a watery crisis.

At SERVPRO, we use a system of checks, reviews, and drying goals to ensure that the repair process is carried out successfully. Keep reading to find out more about how this works.

The Importance of Baseline Measurements

One thing which is crucial to effective flood damage repair is flexibility. All properties are different, and they all have unique needs. What may be considered dry in one area of the country may be far too dry for the climate of another. This is why the SERVPRO technicians always take baseline measurements before starting repairs.

They take these measurements from dry, undamaged areas of the property. It allows us to determine what is ‘normal’ for you, as opposed to using some arbitrary standard. While it may sound like a small detail, it can have a big impact on how you feel in your home after the repairs are finished. Getting the level of dryness and humidity right also ensures the longevity, success, and quality of flood damage repairs.

The Effect of Rapid Evaporation Methods

Flood damage remediation experts use dry air to increase the rate of evaporation and pull the moisture out of very humid, heavy air. Generally, this requires the humidity of the affected space to be below 40%. At this level, the air gets ‘thirsty’ and starts drawing moisture from the surroundings. It is very important that water damage experts don’t rely solely on relative humidity readings.

To be sure that the drying process – be it dehumidifying, air scrubbing, or air moving – is working, specific humidity measurements must also be taken. These are compared with the baseline measurements until the two match. Ultimately, this is the primary drying goal; the objective that your flood damage repair team is trying to achieve.



Locally Owned Company with National Resources

For help and support dealing with a flood damaged property, speak to the experts at SERVPRO of Bryan/Effingham/McIntosh and East Liberty Counties. We have access to state of the art drying, cleaning, and restoration tools. We can carry out repairs fast and get your home back to full health as soon as possible. Call us 24/7 on (912) 445-5190.


Differences Between Small and Large Mold Colonies

12/6/2016 (Permalink)

Commercial Differences Between Small and Large Mold Colonies Rincon Mold Remediation Keeps Commerce Going

Size Does Matter, SERVPRO Customizes Mold Remediation

Mold damage is hard to remove no matter what species is growing in what quantity, but make no mistake, there are major differences between our treatment of small mold colonies and large ones. Everything from the machines we use to the safety precautions we take can vary depending on the size and intensity of the mold colony in question. In any case, SERVPRO makes sure to fully quarantine and treat the affected area, with measures appropriate for size and spread of damage.
Small Patches
Small areas of mold damage in a commercial Rincon structure are generally relatively easy for us to deal with, although you should still never attempt to remove it yourself. Mold is potentially dangerous, and without thorough sanitation measures, can easily be spread when a cleaning attempt is made. For small patches of mold damage, we first set up a quarantine, preventing the mold from spreading outside of its immediate area. This quarantine may be in just a small corner or an entire room. After this, we begin setting up drying and sanitizing machines and processes, killing off mold and preventing further spores from growing. For some cases, a business may be able to continue as usual while a small section is quarantined.
Large Patches and Extensive Damage
When the mold has had a chance to grow out of hand, it often requires a larger quarantine (containment) and temporary closure of business. Large mold colonies can spread their spores by air, meaning HVAC systems must be cleaned out and other areas of the structure must be carefully examined for mold damage and propagation. Additionally, high volumes of gas and spores produced by these colonies can create greater health risks. Large mold colonies also often have sister colonies in hidden places such as behind walls and above ceilings, making containment and full evaluation a much longer and more difficult process. From protecting your merchandise, customers, and employees to offering excellent service, we can unintrusively deal with mold remediation.
SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh & East Liberty Counties has the equipment and training to handle commercial mold damage of all sizes and intensities. For our fast and reputable service, give us a call at (912) 445-5190.

SERVPRO Fire Damage Port Royal

11/20/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage SERVPRO Fire Damage Port Royal Don't let a fire in your home keep your family left out in the cold, Call the experts at SERVPRO to get your home back to normal.

After a fire, there are two questions that homeowners ask themselves. 'How am I ever going to replace everything?' and "How am I going to pay for everything?' quickly threaten to overwhelm a person who is already stressed out from the fire itself.

There is a way to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars to you and/or your insurance company. Restoring fire damage to property here in Port Royal is usually much cheaper than replacing it. SERVPRO has a wide variety of methods that can help you accomplish this.

Dry Cleaning - We use dry sponges, dusting cloths and vacuums to remove non-grease based soils and soot. This method is also useful to remove light (small) debris and particulate soiling.
Wet Cleaning - Water and/or cleaning agents are used to remove moderate to heavy residues, both grease and non-grease based. It is a more aggressive method of cleaning since the item being cleaned will be thoroughly saturated in the process.

Spray and Wipe - A wet cleaning agent is applied using a spray bottle and the wiped down with a clean, white towel. This method gives the technician more control over the amount of product used. It is a very effective method to use when there is a concern that the property being cleaned might be damaged if it is saturated with a cleaning product or even water.
Foam Cleaning - This technique is used primarily for upholstery fabrics that could shrink or bleed color if water or a wet cleaning agent is used. The foaming cleaning agents we use are also very effective on mattresses and box springs that have light smoke damage.

Abrasive Cleaning - This technique is used to agitate the surface being cleaned. This is necessary if the residue is very thick and resists wet cleaning. We accomplish this using cleaning agents with abrasive ingredients alone or with an abrasive scrubbing pad.

Immersion Cleaning - This technique is used only for materials that can be completely saturated in a cleaning product. It is very effective for cleaning Venetian blinds. One type of immersion we use in ultrasonic. The item to be cleaned is dipped in a tank with a mix of water and cleaning agent then sound waves are used to create microscopic jet streams that agitate and clean the item.

Restoring property can save a lot of money. For many homeowners, though, the money is not the primary concern. It is the opportunity to preserve an item that holds important memories and perhaps has been in the family for generations. SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh & East Liberty Counties is ready to assist you with both. Call us today at (912) 445-5190 to start preserving your life and memories.

Commercial Flooding to a Crescent Restaurant

11/19/2016 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Flooding to a Crescent Restaurant Crescent Restaurant Suffers a Flood

SERVPRO Services that Help Restaurants to Reopen Doors Quickly

Restaurants are some of the most commonly flooded businesses in America, as they are prone to some risk factors that can lead to significant water and flood damage year-round. Many restaurants are located near rivers, creeks, lakes, or shores, making them vulnerable to heavy rainfalls which cause banks to overflow. Restaurants also have high amounts of water usage as compared to other businesses, which can lead to more interior and clear water flooding than in other commercial establishments. Fortunately, SERVPRO knows how to get a restaurant's doors back open as quickly as possible after these damages, through a few key services.
Inventory and Stock Management
One of the most difficult tasks to accomplish alone after commercial water damage in Crescent is to take inventory of what has been lost, damaged, or left alone in the building. Everything from furniture to valuable kitchen equipment to food stock can be accounted for and should be, for insurance purposes. SERVPRO can help you to keep track of your losses and get proper repayment from an insurer after the event is said and done.
Rapid Restoration Services
We have access to a wide variety of powerful tools and machines to help accelerate the process of water removal and restoration, including high-powered air movers, water extractors, deodorizing foggers, UV sanitizers, and more. When used strategically, these machines help businesses to open doors quicker than expected after even the worst water damage.
Cohesive Teams and Helpful Policies
We strive to ensure that a restaurant owner understands the process of restoration and can talk to our teams and representatives. Also, our staff is assembled in a way that encourages cohesiveness and cooperation. This also extends to our "white collar" representatives, who can present documentation to insurance adjusters and regulators with maximum efficacy.
SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh & East Liberty Counties is a trusted local source of commercial repairs and restorations. Contact us at (912) 445-5190 for our help with your disaster in inconvenience.

Speedy Solutions for Water Damage In Crescent

10/26/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Speedy Solutions for Water Damage In Crescent Leaks Can Run Water Down Through Floors Increasing the Damage to a Crescent Home

Tropical Storms, Hurricanes, and Leaks Are All Better Served by SERVPRO

Homeowners who dwell close to the Georgia coast are often in the path of severe seasonal storms and flooding, without a doubt needing the fast and effective water damage restoration services we offer at SERVPRO. Our teams of highly qualified technicians arrive at your home quickly, assessing the damage and beginning development of a plan to restore your personal water damage problems. Even when many of your neighbors, local businesses and area infrastructure also sustain severe damage from high winds, pounding rains and storm surge flooding we focus on your needs, ensuring that your home’s structure, mechanical systems, built-ins, furnishings and personal possessions are returned to normal promptly.

When you are coping with water damage in Crescent, you do not want to get in line to have your home inspected and then wait for crews to find time to clean up and rehabilitate your property. Delaying investigation of your personal water damage challenges and waiting for restoration efforts for days or even weeks can result in irreparable harm to your house. Our locally owned company has access to a nationwide network of storm and water damage experts, pledged to increase our capacity to respond to any size disaster. Our Disaster Recovery teams support us as our community recovers from catastrophic events like hurricanes and tropical storms, allowing us to concentrate on your water damaged home sooner.
Successful water damage repair and restoration require an immediate response. SERVPRO will stop the rain or floodwater from entering your home, erecting temporary repairs if roofs, windows or walls have been breached. If structural repair is necessary, we will help arrange for it. We then will remove water in the most efficacious way possible, our powerful pumps and water extractors ridding your home of moisture before contamination from molds or sewage complicate the recovery. Our staff will then review your options for cleaning and drying the interior of the structure and contents so you can enjoy your home again soon. All items will be treated according to proper industry standards, our technicians following the protocols learned during intensive certification and continuing training.
You can rely on the expertise and focused attention of SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh & East Liberty Counties when a water damage disaster affects your home. Call (912) 445-5190 24/7 assured that our crews will respond fast with the full capability of our community-based company and our partners.

From Minor Water Damage To A Biohazard In Pembroke

10/21/2016 (Permalink)

Biohazard From Minor Water Damage To A Biohazard In Pembroke Trust SERVPRO to Secure Your Biohazardous Problem to Your Pembroke Home

SERVPRO Conducts Biohazard Clean Ups in Pembroke Safely and Effectively

Every time you leave home, there is a risk of the wind, rain or storm damage bringing water into your dwelling. It is also possible a pipe could burst, or a water heater could leak 40 or more gallons of water into your basement or another level while you are at work or play. Initially, the water could be relatively clean, or it may be laden with fecal matter, creating some challenges beyond just drying out the areas.  If you are away for several days unaware the water has seeped into every nook and cranny or is standing several inches high in your basement, however, your homecoming may be problematic. It could include not only wet walls, ceilings or floors but also rapidly spreading infectious growths that contaminate water and air. Mold, sewer backup and other contaminants can take hold in just a matter of days, and SERVPRO is ready to manage both the biohazards and the original water damage safely.

Dealing with the aftermath of water damage turned biohazard in Pembroke requires the expertise of a professional disaster restoration company. Our teams of technicians from SERVPRO are trained to investigate your water disaster with an eye to discovering secondary concerns from contamination of the affected areas because of overgrowths of molds and infectious organisms. We look sharp in our HAZMAT gear. If your home suffered water damage that was not handled immediately, we have the products and know how to control the hazardous infestation safely and by all local, state and other rules and regulations.
Sometimes when biohazards present a danger to other areas of your home or the air quality within your home, we will employ containment strategies. Depending on the level of risk we will construct areas within your home to manage the infectious waste problem (whether from Black Water from a sewer break or an unfortunate crime scene clean up) without allowing it to spread through the air or otherwise to the unaffected areas of your house. Count on us to remove and contain contaminated materials appropriately and dispose of them as mandated by law. This may include pumping the contaminated water into a holding tank and disposing of it in approved wastewater facilities. Our local team can trust on the assistance of affiliated SERVPRO restoration businesses if the challenge to return your home to its pre-loss condition is that great.
Far more than merely a water damage restoration company, SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh & East Liberty Counties is poised to handle even the most difficult biohazardous situation. Call (912) 445-5190 when your business trip or vacation ends with a tough biohazard crisis in your home before your bags are even unpacked.

Preventing Mold Damage in Homes: A Great Great Way to Prevent a Costly Problem

10/13/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Preventing Mold Damage in Homes: A Great Great Way to Prevent a Costly Problem Mold build up can spread quickly. Call professionals at SERVPRO to remediate ASAP!

Mold Removal is More Thorough with Professional Remediation

Both indoor and outdoor environments have mold, no matter where you go. Mold and spores are found during every season, and also in all climates. It is because of this that changes in humidity can create mold problems in homes. Outdoor mold growths are controlled naturally, most of the time, by the wind, which can dry it out, and by the sun, which can kill mold quickly. Indoors, without mechanical means to control humidity and other indoor environmental aspects, mold can quickly spread from one area to another, creating damage to your home. Before this happens, you need remediation.

Springfield homeowners can prevent mold damage by having excess mold removed from their homes. Complete removal of mold is not something that can be done, although some companies claim this. SERVPRO technicians will follow EPA guidelines while using protocols and procedures from IICRC to remove mold and spores from your home, both in the air and on surfaces within your home. Mold can easily enter your home through open windows, even through screens, on shoes, on clothing, in boxes and bags from shopping, and even your pets' fur coats. This is why mold elimination is not really possible. Control of the mold is possible, though, and we can teach you what will work best for your individual situation.
Mold damage can cause health effects for anyone, including healthy people; it can create damage to structural supports in homes, and also cause drywall to deteriorate. Mold damage is very costly. It can change a home's interior air quality for worse by spreading to other areas through the ducts in your heating or cooling system.
Remediation work removes problematic mold by scrubbing the air with special machines, and with the use of HEPA filters when vacuuming carpets, draperies, upholstered furniture, air ducts, and anywhere else that dry mold spores might be located. Manual cleaning of mold growth, when indicated, is also a part of the process. When mold damage is found, porous materials need to be extracted and removed, and then replaced. If it is a hard and non-porous surface, cleaning is often sufficient. In the case of semi-porous items, cleaning and then sealing is often performed.
Letting mold grow until later can lead to expensive and more time-consuming repairs and restorative work needing to be conducted. Save time and money by calling SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh & East Liberty Counties at the first sign of mold problems, before damage happens. We can be reached at (912) 445-5190, 24/7.

Hurricane Damage-Matthew

10/13/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Hurricane Damage-Matthew SERVPRO Works Hard to Restore Order After Hurricane Matthew

SERVPRO Local and Our National Recovery Teams Help Recovery After Hurricanes

Hurricane damage is one of the banes of being a homeowner in a region that has seen many devastating storms. Preventative measures and purchases you can take to protect your home from hurricane damage completely are not possible, but still are critical. High winds, debris, storm surges, and flooding are all natural events that occur whether you have put up storm shutters, placed sandbags around your home, or other measures.
Storm damage in Savannah from Hurricane Matthew can be catastrophic when it first hits, but with the professional services led by our specialists at SERVPRO, we can help set your mind at ease as we remove the water from your home and begin the restoration process. We can also work directly with your insurance company for you!
What is a Storm Surge?
A storm surge is caused by the rising of the sea as a result of powerful winds associated with a storm event. A hurricane or tropical storm are the most common causes of storm surges in regions like Savannah, where abnormal water levels can be generated by a massive storm event. The five to seven feet of surge is stacked on top of the normal high tide mark.
Your home can be at great risk of a storm surge and unfortunately, there is not much you can do to prevent it during a hurricane. Storm surges can penetrate far inland from a coastline. In the past, Hurricane Ike produced storm surges in Texas and Louisiana coastal regions, moving inland nearly 30 miles in some locations. Hurricane Matthew was nearly 250 miles wide and traveled for over 3,000 miles along its path of destruction.
All living areas along the Gulf Coast and Eastern Coast of the U.S. are vulnerable to water damage caused by storm surges. The best thing you can do when anticipating a dangerous hurricane is to get out, listen to your local and federal officials.
The Safest Defense is Retreat
When expecting a dangerous hurricane, pay special attention to your local and county officials, and if an evacuation is suggested, it is best for the safety of you and your family to avoid the storm and impending water damage. If an evacuation order is mandatory, do not try to ride out the storm. Your home can be replaced, but your life and those of your family cannot.

Contact SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh & East Liberty Counties at (912) 445-5190 at anytime, day or night. With our 24/7 Emergency Services, our staff is here to take your call if you have been affected by a recent hurricane or have experienced any water damage to your home. Our Emergency Response Network of SERVPRO franchises responds to natural disaster with teams, equipment, and know-how.

Preventative Tips to Combat Water Damage

10/10/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Preventative Tips to Combat Water Damage Drips can be fixed by changing a washer or cleaning the screen. Call SERVPRO to remediate any water damage!

Household Maintenance Can Prevent Leaks and Subsequent Damage

Some of the top causes of water damage are surprisingly easy to avoid if you commit to making the proper checks and taking certain preventative measures. Did you know that easily corrected household water leaks can save homeowners around 10% on their water bills? The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states that these common types of leaks (such as toilet flappers, dripping faucets, and other leaking valves) waste 90 gallons or more every single day in 10% of US homes.
Water damage in Pembroke does not have to affect your household. While not all water damage is avoidable by implementing preventative measures, most causes of water damage are.
SERVPRO knows just how distressing it is to waste water and pay high water bills due to leaks. This is why we have collected some tips below to help you avoid easily preventable issues that could lead to larger water damage issues.
Small Leaks are the Biggest Enemy
When a homeowner thinks of water damage, their thoughts turn to gushing water from underneath sinks and plumbing in the walls. However, it is often the smallest leaks that wreak the most havoc.
Nearly everyone has experienced a dripping sink from a bathroom or kitchen faucet. Changing out the washer inside of a leaking faucet and screwing the faucet head back on can stop many leaks from continuing. Replacing the faucet head entirely may be needed if the interior threading is causing the leak. Even if you require a new kitchen or bathroom faucet, you can find them rather cheap at your local home improvement store.
Sinks can cause both slow drips from faucets or small leaks from the piping underneath. Water damage due to sinks cost homeowners an average of $7,000 per incident. That is a lot of money to spend on repairs. Instead, inspect the plumbing underneath the cabinets and sinks where the pipes are located. Also, check the hoses that bring the water up to each handle in the faucet (the hot and cold water hoses), for kinks in the plastic or copper pipes can have pinhole leaks that get worse over time. Feel the piping for possible corrosion, or if the plumbing is largely PVC, check around the connectors to make sure the connection is secure and leak free.
Watch Your Water Bill
An excellent way to check if you need to inspect all water pipes on your property, keep watch of your water bill and compare it to previous months as well as water usage from the past year. Significant increases that are unaccounted for can indicate a leak on your property or in your home. Homes that are 30 years old or older are 3 times as likely to have problems with plumbing and drains. Nothing is impervious to time and aging.
Contact Us
Contact SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh & East Liberty Counties at (912) 445-5190. We are more than happy to take your call, answer any questions you have, and if needed, send a team out to handle your water emergency.

Fire Damage Calls for Professional Help

10/7/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Calls for Professional Help Crescent Smoke & Fire Damage Could Use the Help of SERVPRO

Rely on SERVPRO to Restore Your Fire Damaged Home

Dealing with fire damage at any level can be stressful and disconcerting. Even a small amount of harm will disrupt your daily life, and most likely mean you’ll have to find somewhere else to stay temporarily while your home is restored back to normal for safety reasons. It is good to know ahead of time, therefore, of a reputable restoration company who you can call in a time of crisis, such as SERVPRO.

Fire damage in Crescent never comes at a time that is convenient. However, understanding some things about the different steps of fire remediation is not difficult, and can help you to have a peace of mind when tragedy strikes. At SERVPRO, we’ll take you through all the steps before even beginning any work, and explain anything that you do not understand.

Loss from fire damage presents different challenges than regular repair and cleaning. The combination of the impact of intense heat, burning fire, smoke residues and moisture from firefighters creates an effect which will need various kinds of services from the fire restoration company, plus working together with licensed subcontractors and contractors.

Fire damage restoration services can be divided up into five categories:

Mitigation Services
The goal here is to secure your home and stop any more damage from occurring. Mitigation can include boarding up any openings and establishing a source of electricity that is temporary to your home. Structures which are wet from firefighting efforts will need emergency drying, so there is not any secondary water damage.

Structural Cleaning
When your home is damaged by fire, cleaning the structure will focus on getting rid of smoke residues from your home’s structural components and deodorizing odors which are given off by the residues. The adjuster and restorer will consult and advise you on which components can be cleaned and which ones will need to be replaced. All belongs are not always salvageable after a robust fire damaging event.

Contents Cleaning
Your personal property has to be cleared from the smoke residues. In some situations with fire, your things can be cleaned right on site. Sometimes, however, contents will have to be packed up and moved to a different location for cleaning and storage. These situations happen if your home is not secure or if it is too damaged for on-site cleaning to be done.

Specialty Restoration
Content restorers from SERVPRO will at times subcontract specialty cleaning of particular contents such as dry cleaning of clothing, cleaning of electronics, refinishing furniture and cleaning expensive artwork.

Reconstruction Services
In some cases, structural components can be damaged so much that they can’t be restored to a pre-loss condition. Reconstructing and repairing fire-damaged structural components might need different skills than standard home remodeling. A fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO usually performs cleaning services while licensed general contractors perform highly extensive reconstruction services. SERVPRO can clear away the debris, eliminate odors smoke, clean and wipe away soot "Like it never even happened."

Fire damage of any kind needs a professional touch. Call us at SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh and East Liberty Counties when you have experienced a fire. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (912) 445-5190.

Preventing Hurricane Damage

10/4/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Preventing Hurricane Damage Roof repairs can minimize water getting into your house during a storm. If water does get into your house, call SERVPRO quickly to remediate!

A Few Ideas to Consider to Minimize Potential Storm Damage

With their high winds and risk of flooding, hurricanes can cause a lot of damage to your structure. While you can’t control the weather, there are always some things that you can do to prevent hurricane damages from happening.

Maintaining Your Roof
Your roof is one of the most vulnerable parts of your home when you are talking about wind and hurricane damage. Once the roof is damaged, it can lead to even more damage throughout the rest of your home.

Because of this, it is essential to maintain your roof and have professionals check it regularly. This will mean ensuring there are no loose shingles, nailing down roof sheathing and making sure that the connection between the walls and the roof is tight to stop updrafts. Your roof maintenance company can do these things for you.

Keeping Trees Low
Large trees grown on your property can create a visual statement and be dramatic. However, this means that you are giving the wind a weapon as well with which to cause severe damage to your home. If a large tree blows over in a storm, this can go through your walls and windows damaging your property. Try to keep trees under a certain height instead, and you will have less to worry about if the winds pick up.

Consider Projectiles
Look around your yard and consider everything which could maybe be a projectile in heavy winds. This means that anything which is not nailed down can become a danger. Garden benches are common items for this, so position them in a way which will lower the likelihood of them causing damage. Other threats could include tools, barbecues, ornaments, toys, and rocks.

Doors and Windows
Do your best as well to protect doors and windows. If you live somewhere that has a high probability of storms, you can get permanent storm shutters. If you know that a storm is on its way, you can use plywood as a temporary solution. Also ensure that your windows are insulated well and if you have older windows, vibration on its own can be enough to make them shatter in some instances.

Preparing for Hurricane Damage
Even with the best preparation, no home is impervious to a severe hurricane, and you may have to deal with some hurricane restoration. There are some things you can do to prepare for this as well. First, make sure to have the number of a reputable hurricane restoration company in your phone so you can use it when needed.

Ensure that you also have the right insurance coverage for your home and your belongings. You will then be able to get the restoration services you need without having to pay out of pocket.

SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh & East Liberty Counties is the hurricane restoration company you are looking for. Our trained professionals are ready at all times to come to your property and properly assess the damages and begin remediation so you can get back to a normal way of life as soon as possible. Call (912) 445-5190.

3 Reasons to Leave Biohazard Cleanup to the Pros

9/7/2016 (Permalink)

Biohazard 3 Reasons to Leave Biohazard Cleanup to the Pros Be safe, call SERVPRO for emergency biohazard cleanup!

Certified Technicians are Trained to Deal with Biohazard Emergencies

Most people don't think they'll ever have the need to deal with a biohazard, but it's surprisingly common. Should your home ever become the site of a crime scene, traumatic accident, or fall into distress and be in need of severe cleaning, you'll be put in the situation of figuring out what to do next. While some homeowners think it's perfectly fine to attempt cleaning up a biohazard on their own, that's actually the worst thing to do.
Properly and safely cleaning up biological waste and dangerous materials requires expertise and the proper equipment. If you're facing a biohazard emergency in Springfield, you're probably wondering how to get your home restored and back to normal. Here are just a few reasons why going the do it yourself route isn't best in this situation.
1. Advanced cleaning equipment is needed. Trying to tackle a biohazard cleanup with regular household cleaning supplies and tools is not only inefficient but doing so will not properly disinfect your home. At SERVPRO, our staff is trained to get rid of all traces of biohazards, including those that you can't see.
2. Your safety is important. Especially in the case of a biohazard scene that contains blood, human waste, or animal waste, preventing the spread of disease is important. Our technicians use specialized protective gear that allows us to handle biological emergencies and trauma scenes without exposing ourselves to risks.
3. Disposing of the waste requires special care. Sometimes we have to use an incinerator or autoclave during a biohazard cleanup, but the waste can't simply be put into your garbage can. Things that become contaminated or ruined by a biohazard emergency have to be disposed of so that no one is exposed to any health risks, and specific permits are required to dispose of and transport biohazard waste.
SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh & East Liberty Counties has a team of professionals who can handle your restoration emergency, even in the most extreme situations. To get a quote or learn more about our biohazard cleanup services, call us at (912) 445-5190.

Water Removal Professionals Save You Stress and Money

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Water Damage Water Removal Professionals Save You Stress and Money Springfield Damage is Mitigated By Fast SERVPRO Water Removal

SERVPRO's Fast Water Removal Limits Damage and Inconvenience

When you experience an emergency like flooding due to a storm, a burst pipe or water used to put out a fire, a sewer backup, malfunctioning appliances, or other rising water events, we are here to help you! After the water has inundated your home or business, let us remove the water and get your structure back to full restoration. If you don't act immediately to begin mitigation of affected soaked areas, this can cause secondary damage resulting in loss of possessions and increased expenses. Our professional and IICRC certified specialists are experienced in handling water extraction, restoration, mold remediation and more.

Through our water removal in Springfield and restoration processes, you can trust us to return your home or business to a safe and dry environment. Standing water in the foundation of a building can cause severe damage and an unhealthy environment. SERVPRO will pump and remove the water with the aid of advanced drying equipment. Our technicians, after corporate and franchise ECTP, Employee Certification Training Program, run this heavy duty equipment.

Infrared cameras, moisture detectors, and other meters seek out and measure even the smallest trace of hidden moisture. Powerful submersible pumps and industrial strength wet/dry vacuums can tackle wet carpeting, drywall, flooring and more to prevent further damage, mold and odor causing bacteria. Our truck-mounted and portable extraction units perform efficient water removal.

If warranted, we may use antibacterial, antimicrobial, or disinfectant treatments. We will also remove and dispose of damaged materials in coordination with you and your insurance adjuster. For your claims process, SERVPRO will also work with your insurance in managing the insurance paperwork and process.
We are an important part of the Georgia community, and we want the best for our residents, which is why our technicians are courteous and kind. With our experience, we will recommend the quickest way to remove water and restore your home or business. Through our restoration process for water removal, we know that prompt action is required with any amount of standing water to prevent the formation and growth of mold and mildew in your home or business.
For water damage restoration you are in need of, call SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh & East Liberty Counties. We will provide you with an emergency service that is immediate and professional. We want to re-establish your home or business to a pre-loss condition "Like it never even happened."  (912) 445-5190

How to Prevent Future Mold Damage in Your Home

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Mold Remediation How to Prevent Future Mold Damage in Your Home SERVPRO Remediates Mold Damage in Darien

Mold Damage Can Be Remediated by the Professionals from SERVPRO

Once rooted in a home, mold colonies can be difficult and sometimes expensive to remove. Many homeowners have their personal horror stories related to mold damage and their home, but most often, these can be avoided with proper precautionary measures. Safeguarding your home against mold before it ever gets a chance to strike is a matter of no little importance, and you should be aware of the factors that can lead up to mold damage, and account for them before they become a problem. Here are a few ways to keep your home free of most mold growth in the future.
Never Let Water Accumulate
One of the most common causes of mold damage in Darien homes is the accumulation of water. When water is allowed to pool and gather in a particular part of the home, it may facilitate mold growth due to persistent dampness. This happens in bathrooms, particularly in older buildings, as they may lack drains or have persistent and unnoticed leaks. Mopping up and removing excess water from a room is important, and you should never just assume that the water will evaporate on its own.
Make Sure Food is Sealed and Disposed Of Safely
Left-out food is a relatively common source of significant mold growth in homes, as even though the food may not be strictly left out in the open, mold can get into many types of containers unless they are fully and properly sealed. A good example of this is potato chip bags. Many people will simply roll or fold them up before placing the bag back on its shelf, but mold spores can still find their way in and start up a nasty colony. Consider buying consumer-grade food sealants for everything in your fridge and pantry; they may save both your food and your home.
Always Have Leaks and Water Damage Professionally Repaired
Many mold colonies form from water damaged regions that are not properly cleaned up and repaired. In the event of a long-term leak or significant water damage all at once, hiring a professional company like SERVPRO helps to ensure that the area is properly dried and secured against future mold growth. We use industrial-grade equipment specifically for this purpose, so that wetness in your home won't lead to another call about mold weeks down the line.
SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh & East Liberty Counties is committed to helping residents out of crises related to fire, mold, and water damage whenever disaster strikes. If you've encountered any form of mold damage to your home, don't hesitate to call us at (912) 445-5190 for 24/7 emergency service.

Fire Damage and What to Do After the Fire Truck Leaves Your Home

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Fire Damage Fire Damage and What to Do After the Fire Truck Leaves Your Home Rincon Fire Damage Can Be Restored and Repaired By SERVPRO.

Contact SERVPRO to Fix Your Fire Damage

When a homeowner sees the fire truck leave their home after extinguishing a fire, it’s not uncommon for the owner to ask the question, What’s next? Since this kind of devastation can leave the owners head spinning, it may be difficult to make the wisest decisions, especially based on the knowledge that they have acquired over the years. Also, if this is the owners first experience with dealing with a home fire, they may be confused and stunned. Fortunately, there are resources available that can assist a homeowner with getting through these hours with as little as disruptions and discomfort as possible. By calling SERVPRO, a representative will arrive with the knowledge to provide home owners with a comprehensive plan to restore their property to its original pre-loss condition, "Like it never even happened."

Emergency Services – 24/7
Because a fire can occur in a home at any time of the day or night, it is important that the family can get the help that they need without any unnecessary delays. In fact, once the fire truck leaves the property, it is essential that the owner and their family know how to respond to minimize this devastating situation of fire damage to their Rincon home. For instance, the windows and doors should be boarded up so that intruders cannot enter the home and cause additional damage or begin to take away items that were not damaged by the fire. This is why we offer emergency services to the owners that contact us, especially so we can help with taking the appropriate actions, while also devising a plan. Additionally, because no job is too small or too big, our technicians are trained in developing a customized plan to fit your situation.
Highly Trained Experienced Professional Restoration Technicians Even if a homeowner has dealt with fire damage in the home before, they can still use the help of a professional. This is because fire damage must be handled by trained experienced professionals that know how to restore the home to its pre-fire condition. For instance, when a fire occurs in the home, there are a wide variety of damages remaining. One of the most common involves extracting all of the water that the firefighters used to put out the fire as quickly as possible, specifically so that the family does not have to deal with mold or mildew growing in their home. Another part of the clean-up process deals with smoke damage. While some areas of the home may not show any visible signs of fire damage, the smoke and soot from the fire can circulate to unaffected rooms. The SERVPRO fire & smoke remediation technicians, FSRT, certified by the IICRC and in-house training, use specialized equipment to remove the smoke from the carpeting, draperies, flooring, walls, ceilings and other areas that have been affected. Ozone machines, air scrubbers, and several types of foggers help to limit this kind of smoke and soot damage.

When firefighters pull away from a home after a fire, the homeowner is tasked with the job of cleaning up and getting the home back to a pre-fire condition. To ensure the clean-up process is handled correctly, the owner will need to solicit help. Because our technicians are highly trained in fire restoration cleaning up services, we can assist you with doing a thorough job before occupying the home again. So, for help with fire damage in your home, contact our SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh & East Liberty Counties franchise at (912) 445-5190 today.

Water Damage Requires Professional Clean-Up Now to Prevent Problems Later

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Water Damage Water Damage Requires Professional Clean-Up Now to Prevent Problems Later SERVPRO Tip: Prevent Water Damage in RIchmond Hill--Turn Off Your Water Main When on Vacation

SERVPRO Offers Professional Water Damage Cleanup

Many people clean their homes prior to leaving for vacation. They also make sure that all the lights are off, and then also check that all windows and doors are locked securely. Many otherwise careful people fail to shut off the water line at the outside of their home during their pre-vacation preparations. Many times, nothing comes of this, but when it does, the water damage can be substantial.

Water damage in Richmond Hill that results from a broken water line, no matter where the break or leak is located, can cause damage throughout your home. This damage may not only spread across the floor or down the inside of a wall space but from one floor to lower levels, increasing the amount of damage your home experiences.

Vacationing is Only Temporary and So Should Any Water Damage, if You Call for Professional Assistance
Upon returning from vacation, homeowners whose home has been water damaged while they've been away are in for a not-so-pleasant surprise. Shutting off the water should be the first thing done if it can be safely accomplished. Standing water can pose an electrical hazard if electrical outlets or wiring are immersed in the water. If you are not sure about your safety, you should have professionals complete the shut-down the electricity prior to shutting off the water. Everyone should remain clear of the water to be safe.

After the flow of water has been stopped, mop up the existing water using absorbent towels or mops and empty buckets. Dump these outside to keep drains inside your home from becoming clogged by any debris that may be in the water. Because water can infiltrate porous materials like drywall throughout your home, it is tough to remove completely. The structurally water damaged area must have the standing water extracted first. If this is not done properly, warping and deterioration of walls and other structures in your home can quickly occur. Then the absorbed moisture and humidity in the interior environment must be mitigated to acceptable levels. If not, this can lead to not only dangerous structural problems but also the growth of mold and mildew. These can cause health effects in your family members over time.

What We can do For You
Our professionals are trained in not only the removal of water that can cause damage to your home's interior, but we have training in the IICRC approved drying techniques that are designed for maximum efficiency. After cleaning-up and extracted all of the water, we will begin the drying process and take note of any damage that needs to be restored or repaired. Cleaning-up will continue with removing any debris that is left over from repairs, as well. 

The professionals at SERVPRO of Bryan, Effingham, McIntosh & East Liberty Counties are experienced in responding to water damage emergencies such as ruptured or frozen water lines, and we can respond quickly. We are available 24/7 so call us at (912) 445-5190 for not only fast service but also professionalism and experience.

Hurricane Season is Here!

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Are you prepared for a hurricane??The 2016 Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30. The areas covered include the North Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.The National Weather Service defines a hurricane as "an intense tropical weather system with well-defined circulation and sustained winds of 74 mph (64 knots) or higher."Here are some helpful links to get you prepared in case of a hurricane:https://www.ready.gov/hurricaneshttp://www.nhc.noaa.gov/prepare/ready.php 

Summer Fire Safety

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Follow these simple tips to help you and those you love stay fire safe this summer season!

• Attend public fireworks displays, and leave the lighting to the professionals.

• Enjoy outdoor celebrations and cookouts, but remember to keep a 3-foot “safe zone” around grills and campfires.

• Build campfires at least 15 feet away from tent walls, shrubs or other materials that burn.

Knowing when you need a professionals help!

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When? You always need a professional! We will come to your home or place of business for free to give you our professional advice!

Why? Our professionals are held to the highest standard and want to make sure your home or business is properly restored!

Got Water Damage? Here’s When and Why You Need a Specialist